After much deliberation, The Staff of Life Climate Preservation Team and myself, Dr. Richard London came to an agreement to save the life’s, businesses, homes, property, and more… for our clients like you in the world. Our cost for the energy work is over $100,000 U.S. dollars per hour.

I will allow the work to be done on your Home/Apartment, Investment Properties, Office, wife, children, personal property such as cars, etc. Your special cost of $300 per location, people and properties and I and The Staff of Life Climate Preservation Team will pay the Big difference. The work will take place from OCTOBER 1, 2019 on thru the Geophysical Extreme Storms that are scheduled by mother nature, climate experts, and spiritual people worldwide.

God/Source and Mother Nature must have earth pure in nature and pure in Divinity with all living things on earth. This means humans must get rid of their negative imprinted memory, move into Divinity, and create “Heaven on Earth” NOW.

IF NOT HUMANS IN THE CITIES, STATES AND COUNTRIES WILL RISK LOSING LIFE’S, BUSINESSES, HOMES, LAND, PROPERTIES AND MORE…… We have a team of Climate Life Preservation Professionals located worldwide creating solutions to “GES” Geophysical Extreme Storms, The GES team deals personally working with my clients, people, businesses, cities, states, countries to stop natural disasters from destroying all the things they LOVE.

I have teams of “GES”Life Climate Professionals in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, China and Africa working 24 hours a day to save Life’s, Mother Nature, Vehicles, Homes, Businesses, Personal Property, Business property and More…. a small group of people can participate in a specific community in the world The Staff of Life Climate Preservation Team and Dr. Richard London

You may purchase this program for $300.00 per location by pressing the PayPal Button or pay direct as well using email
Any questions you may call Dr. Richard London at 603 865-7345 or email direct at
A SAFE AND SOUND 2019/2020