Once in a lifetime a Masterpiece emerges, it is the Ascension Light Tunnel, you stand under it and you are really connected to Divinity, it is amazing, I want someone in the United States to have one. It is part of another collection, yet since your collection has not shipped it can be added, the special cost is $399.00. It has 8 Czech Crystals, Angels and a Double Light Triangle Pyramid Mechanism with Angels. I have only one, the other I have in my own house as you enter and I stand under it and CONNECT. TELL ME IMMEDIATELY WHETHER YOU DESIRE THIS SPECIAL MASTERPIECE. WARMLY, DR. RICHARD LONDON

I received pieces of our new Divinity collection, one of the pieces. The Ascension Flower and Light of Merkabah is the most powerful energy tool created. I have the first one hanging from my entry hall, stand under it and you are connected directly to SOURCE. I have the only one now in my home.I would like to see someone in your country have this and enjoying its Divine Power. I can add Divinity collection pieces with our normal Angels lite collection in the same shipment. It is more powerful than any ENERGY /SOUND product I have ever seen and the cost to you is $399.00. Take a look at the 3 photos. I was wowedDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. Smiled


ALL PIECES CAN BE ORDERED BY CALLING 603 865-7345 OR EMAIL April Vargas at faithispower9@gmail.com or if you wish to purchase the ASCENSION LIGHT TUNNEL FOR $399.00 SHIPPING FREE ANY PLACE IN THE WORLD.CLICK PAYPAL BUTTON NOW.

My newest collection was released yesterday, The Divinity Collection also of 9, and there is an Angels Lite Abundance Collection of 9 pieces, this collection will be released the week of SEPTEMBER,2019. I have enclosed photos. of 3 of the 9 pieces in the Divinity Collection. The Angels Lite Energy Tools are a Divine Gift from God, the tools are handmade of 7 different metals to hold the energy forever, Czech Crystals, Timeless Beauty, Powerful Programming of each piece, moving of energy forward for everyone who possesses them are just some of the important attributes.

I agreed with the Universe that they are absolutely necessary to Block NEF’s, NegativeEnergy Followers, Negative Energy, Sabotage of people’s Life’s Move Energy forward. Each piece has the protection of all Angels, Ascended Masters, Arch-Angels, Beings of Light and the Beings of the 7th Ray, Like Mary, Mary Magdalena, Jesus and More. I pay $3,000-$5,000 out of my pocket just to program one collection and the Universe says it must be done. All these truths make the Angels Lite Collections Divine, Priceless and necessary. Warmly. Richard London

Sending only to special people, info about this new collection as of yesterday. I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooo excited. The Divinity Collection of Energy tools arrived yesterday. They are a separate collection, Bigger, Beautiful, Programmed by Dr. Richard London, and Super Powerful.

Example, these energy tools programmed are gifts to humanity from God.

I have enclosed pictures of pieces in our Divinity collection. The photo enclosed of the Ascension Flower of light 8 Crystal pendulum, tm. programmed is priceless, you stand under it and you are connected immediately to the source powerfully.

Unbelievable, special cost is $399.00. I have mine under the chandelier as you enter the house, and WOW is the LOOK AND POWER. The Magnificent Unity Medallion. special cost is $300.00 the second photo is 12inches by 7 inches, unifies your home or office is unbelievable. I have mine in my home too. The Reflection All Knowing Pyramid. special cost is $400.00 4 sided large, lights up your entire home with Joy, Wisdom, Tranquility and Moreeeeeeeee.

Warmly, Dr. Richard London